V. The Visionary

a dream beyond dream
by Ahimaz Ponrasa | December 12, 2020

in a dream that isn’t
a dream but a nightmare
world buildings replace
world trees. in a nightmare
that isn’t a nightmare but
a reality world trees become
whitewashed world buildings.
in a better world, world trees
would replace world buildings.
an even better world would be
a reality wherein world buildings
become world grasses. in
a dream that’s a reality trees
may be felled, not grasses.

Ahimaz Ponrasa (he/him) has been published recently with Queen Mob’s Teahouse, BEST BUDS! Collective, RIC Journal, Minor Literature[s], marlskarx, Glass, Elephants Never, Burning House Press, Big Echo: Critical SF, Paintbucket.page, and Speculative 66. He lives in the Indian Subcontinent.