Two of Cups

fragile muse
by Yvonne Litschel | August 22, 2020

ottersoft, I would give you
cups were it palatable, would brim
sighing steam, the favourite pebble
I tuck under your arm
for safekeeping, for luck
the skin of half intended sleep
slips free of velvet, gentle jaw
drawing shoreline, sharing yogurt
with paper waterbirds, the warmth
you’re want to reach for

Yvonne Litschel (she/her) is a writer and artist living in London. Her work has appeared in several poetry magazines as well as been featured in two Sidekick Books anthologies. She has three solo publications, Moth Dust (Sampson Low), Immurement (Broken Sleep Books), and ræfs (Ghost City Press). Most recently she placed second in the Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize for poetry.