call for submissions

blood orange is currently reviewing and accepting submissions for upright cards, which started going live on our website in January 2020. We also welcome submissions of reversed cards, which will be published on the website once we’ve published a complete deck of upright poems. If you are unsure about what cards are still available, check out the card index or get in touch with our editor. Right now, the plan is to publish a full tarot deck of upright and reversed cards; if we get lots of community support for the project, we could potentially publish more editions. Our dream is to eventually publish a print edition of blood orange.

Thank you so much for considering blood orange as a vessel for your work. We can’t wait to read your submissions!

our commitments

  • blood orange is committed to publishing radical and diverse poetry. We strongly encourage Indigenous folks, Black folks, racialized folks, transgender and nonbinary folks, Muslim and Jewish folks, disabled folks, poor folks, immigrants and refugees, queer folks, fat folks, and sex workers to submit here. If you identify as one or more of the above and would like to let us know, please mention it in your submission email. This disclosure is by no means required, and will only be used to help blood orange curate a tarot that highlights the work of poets who have been underrepresented and marginalized in literary communities.
  • blood orange is dedicated to being a safe and inclusive publisher of dynamic poetry. We are unapologetically anti-cop, anti-military, and anti-capitalist. We will not accept racist, transphobic, xenophobic, queerphobic, fascist, or otherwise oppressive works, or works by abusive writers. If you have any questions or concerns about pieces or poets that have been published in blood orange, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
  • There will never be a reading fee for submissions, and we pay $15 CAD per published card. That said, blood orange is a labour of love and our editor is currently paying all fees out of pocket, so if you have the means to accept less than $15, please indicate this in your submission email. We are working on securing funding for blood orange, as we believe strongly that poets should be paid for their labour and recognize that $15 is not the pay scale that we would like to be able to provide. Fees are usually paid by etransfer if you are based in Canada or PayPal if you’re elsewhere. If neither of those options work for you, alternate arrangements may have to be made — just let us know!

submission guidelines

  • blood orange publishes poetry, asemic writing, and concrete/visual poetry. The only formatting requirement is that your piece should be able to fit on a tarot card, which is traditionally 2.75” x 4.75” or about 25 lines long — that said, if you are passionate about a longer poem and think it would be a good fit, we can sometimes make adjustments or arrangements for that, too. We love submissions in languages other than English, but as our editor only knows English and French, please include a translation of your piece if it is not in either of those languages.
  • As of January 13, 2020, the remaining creator and elder cards are reserved for Indigenous writers.
  • Submissions are accepted via email. Please include your submission as an attachment (word document or .png), the case-sensitive title of your piece, the name of the card you’re submitting for, a short third-person bio including website or social media links, and an author photo. Author photos can be abstract or illustrated, if you prefer. It is incredibly helpful if you include the words “blood orange submission” in your subject line.
  • For both upright and reversed cards, blood orange aims to publish 80 poems by 80 different poets. As such, if you have received an acceptance, please do not submit more work at this time. If you have received a rejection, please wait two months before submitting new work. If you’ve looked through the card index and have an idea for an additional card for our deck, please email our editor with your pitch!