Six of Swords

by Jeff T. Johnson | July 18, 2020

The boatman crosses his fare, whose crossing
appears barred. So the floating prison
advances, while his staff pierces the crust
below the current. He is punching their way
through, teasing the surface. 1 is glass & 1 is
soot & 1 is hardly there. Staff connects sky,
land, vessel, body & bed. All are upended.

Jeff T. Johnson (he/him) is the author of Trouble Songs: A Musicological Poetics (punctum books, 2018), and a poetry collection, The Book / Or / The Woods (punctum books, 2020). His writing has appeared in PEN America, Jacket2, Encyclopedia Vol. 3, Tarpaulin Sky, Sink Review, and elsewhere. A chapbook, trunc & frag, is at Our Teeth. He wrote the music and culture series Book Album Book at Fanzine, and is at work on a performative critical investigation of analog-digital interface, language-oriented poetry, digital language art, and experimental electronic music called Janky Materiality. He lives in Philadelphia.