Seven of Swords

smoke + mirror
by Schéhérazade Ste-Grégoire | August 1, 2020

self-appointed royalty
the many faces you wear
bask in the artificial glow
emanating from your neon-
encrusted crown

your house
must always win

alluring persona you
persuade players to place
their trust on your green-
felted heart deceiving
friends and foes alike

your house
must always win

luck has you thinking
you are skilled at the games
you play but loyalty to vice
does not make it
faithful to you

Schéhérazade Ste-Grégoire (she/her) is a writer from St-Henri, Montreal. She loves poppy seed bagels, daschunds and the blue hours of winter. She is currently working on publishing a collection of her works.