Seven of Pentacles

To Have Faith in Troublesome Bounty
by Eileen Winn | July 11, 2020

Drop the plum pit through the dark
from the second floor balcony, aiming
for the dirt you tend but can’t see in the night.
You are magic:
in the morning it is half-planted and proof
of your true aim, potential seed displayed where
it may someday fruit — and if not, still evidence
that your farmer’s intuition has not failed you.

There is only so much dirt in the city, and much like me
fruit trees are particular
before they are sweet.

There is no plot, really, here for a tree or time
for us to tend it. Only winter can care
for this resting plant
but by plums we have infinite pits and faith
enough for all of them.

Eileen Winn (they/them) is an agender poet and writer from Ohio, transplanted with their husband and perfect cat to Florida while earning their MFA in poetry at FAU. They’ve been published in Orpheus, Bone & Ink Literary Magazine, and at Purpled Palm Press in the Break Up Book collection. Much of their work would not exist without purple pens.