Four of Wands

by Zelda Knight | May 9, 2020

our sanctuary / once hidden
no longer obscured
by twilight riders
cloaked in fire
hollow delusions

shedding your temporal body
unleashes charismatic ecstasy.     
replenished faith negates          
melancholic anonymity.             

moonlit dancers’
    seismic steps
        and ritualistic rhythms
            summon euphoric trances
                impregnating carnelian soil
            with the beating heart of jubilant renewal.

do you long for rejuvenation
while fearing chronometric decay?
one soul encased in two beings
reborn in you awaits

repeat the song of creation:

Zelda Knight (she/her) writes speculative romance (horror, science fiction, and fantasy). She’s also a cryptozoologist in training. Illustration credit: Aria Grey.